Saturday, November 07, 2009

Day# 43...Twilight the movie : New Moon Stills.

I'm prepared see Twilight: new moon.

A new picture from the New Moon.

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Friday, November 06, 2009

Day# 42...R/C Racing.

Every Sunday.
I like to see R/C Racing at soi Chaloemphrakiat 30.

Have much knowledge and fun of R/C Racing. Be hobby.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Day# 41...Prison Break...Cartoon.

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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Day# 40...Prison Break

Prison Break

The original concept of Prison Break a man deliberately getting himself sent to prison in order to help his brother escape—was suggested to Paul Scheuring by producer Dawn Parouse, who wanted to produce an action-oriented series. Although Scheuring thought it was a good idea, he was initially stumped as to why someone would embark on such a mission or how he could develop it into a viable television show. He came up with the story of the wrongfully accused brother, and began working on the plot outline and devising the characters. In 2003, he pitched the idea to the Fox Broadcasting Company but was turned down as Fox felt nervous about the long-term possibilities of such a series. He subsequently showed the concept to other channels but was also turned down as it was thought to be more suited for a film project than a television series. Prison Break was later considered as a possible 14-part mini series, which drew the interest of Steven Spielberg before his departure due to his involvement with War of the Worlds. Thus, the mini series never materialized. Following the huge popularity of serialized prime time television series such as Lost and 24, Fox decided to back the production in 2004. The pilot episode was filmed a year after Scheuring wrote the script.

Characters...Wanted The fox river 8
1. Wentworth Miller as Michael Scofield
2. Dominic Purcell as Lincoln Burrows
3. Robert Knepper as Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell
4. Rockmond Dunbar as Benjamin Miles "C-Note" Franklin
5. Amaury Nolasco as Fernando Sucre
6. Lane Garrison as David Apolskis
7. Charles Patoshik as Silas Weir Mitchell
8. Peter Stormare as John Abruzzi

I like Wentworth Miller (as Michael Scofield) a lot.

I'm big fan of prison break.


Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Day# 39...Fish Feet Spa

Day Spa
place stands: Opposite wat Khao Wang Soi Don Kratai Tit Ran Thong Thun Phot Na Ratchaburi
office hours: 11:00 - 22:00

Matcha Spa Lawadi
place stands: 12/43 Fraet.12 At Narong Road,Khlong Toei, Bangkok.

place stands: 18/10 Opposite Talatnat Sanamluang 2,Bang Phai,Bang Khae Bangkok.
office hours: 11:00 - 22:00

place stands: IVORY HOTEL Soi Lat Krabang 22 On Nut-Lat Krabang Road,Bangkok.

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Monday, November 02, 2009

Day# 38...Loi Krathong Festival 2009

Loi Krathong Festival 2009 at Google

Loi krathong VTR

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Loi Krathong Festival in Thailand.

Loi krathong with nganwad style.

Chingcha-sawan by

Pa-Lukpong by

Sao noi Tok Nam by

Puen yao by

Nganwad dot khom CO.,LTD.
K.Ao (คุณอ้อ ) 394/58 Mu.4 Soi.Suk Sawat27, Bangpakok
Rasotburana, Bangkok 10140 (Thailand)

Phone: +6681-932-3374 ,
Fax: +662-427-2458
Mobile: +6681-932-3374
Email: , Website:

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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Day# 37...Sukhothai Loi Krathong & Candle Festival.

Sukhothai Loi Krathong & Candle Festival 2009
At Sukhothai Historical Park
Dates : October 31 - November 2, 2009

Highlighs: Dawn of Happiness Ceremony, Brahman Ceremony for praing homage King Ramkamhang, The Royal Given lamp and Krathong Procession parade, The Krathong Making Contest & Hanging Lanten Contest, Floating Royal Krathong Traditional, Thai Traditional Firework Prosentation

For further detail: please contact TAT Sukhothai Tel: 0 5561 6228-9

Loikrathong's lyrics
November full moon shines,
Loi Krathong, Loi Krathong,
and the water's high
in the river and local klong,

Loi Loi Krathong,
Loi Loi Krathong,
Loi Krathong is here and everybody's full of cheer,

We're together at the klong,
We're together at the klong,

Each one with this krathong,
As we push away we pray,
We can see a better day.

Loi Krathong Festival in Sukhothai

Light and sound show.

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